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Group Therapy

Our first group experience occurs in our family and most of us live or work in groups for much of our lives.  The capacity to build healthy personal and professional relationships in these groups often determines one’s sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in life.  A therapy group provides a confidential, contained setting where people can deeply investigate relationships with themselves and with others.  It is unique because the members of a group are committed to consciously deepening their understanding of both themselves and of others.  This process is assisted by a skilled group leader – someone who has advanced training and experience in understanding people and groups.

In a therapy group, the members address a wide variety of personal issues, as well as concerns about relationships with others.  Group members receive support and feedback from both their fellow members and the leader.  Additionally, over time individuals receive valuable information about how their personality and ways of relating affect others.  Ultimately, the group can become a safe environment for members to experiment with new ways of interacting with others and for increasing self awareness.

Some issues and concerns, such as shame, fear, and distrust of relationships, are most fully addressed in group therapy.  For many people a combination of individual and group therapy may be the treatment of choice.  The decision as to the best treatment plan is a joint one made by the client and therapist.  This decision comes after an intake process where the therapist learns more about the client’s specific needs and goals.